måndag 8 april 2019

six months of trash - could you live a Zero Waste life?

Sex månader av skräp i burken. Skulle du klara av att få ditt skräp att rymmas i en burk? Många skulle antagligen direkt svara nej utan att ens tänka efter. Leka med tanken. Jag är ingen övermänniska, jag är inte bättre än någon annan och jag lever ett ganska typiskt liv. Visserligen har jag inte barn, har inga allergier, bor i en större stad osv - men det finns många som har det som jag som inte lever skräpfritt. Tänk om du skulle våga testa att leva enligt Zero Waste en månad eller två? Det finns många blogginlägg jag skrivit som hittas under kategorin Zero Waste som kan hjälpa till lite. Våga <3


Six months of trash in the jar. Could you make it? Many would answer no right away without thinking about it. But what if you could? What if it isn't impossible? I am not above other people, not better than anyone else I live a very normal life. Sure, I don't have kids, no allergies, I live in a larger city - but there are many others in the same situation who don't live trash free. Imagine living a Zero Waste life for one or two months. Try it out, you have nothing to lose. I have a category for Zero Waste that could help you, check it out. Dare to do it <3

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  1. Äiti eksyksissä8 april 2019 11:05

    We are not zerowaste, but waste amount is about 20 litres per 2 weeks. I think thats rather good achievement, since there is 5 of us. Most of the trash is diapers (night time pees and reusables diapers just dont work for 4 year-old). There is always ways to improve, but I try not to stress myself too much with it. My most important goal is to minimize the total impact, not necessarily minimize the waste. We dont fly, we dont buy stuff and we do (and grow) large portion of our food. Plant-based, organic food is prioritized over plastic packaging. I'll rather buy finnish bio carrots in plastic pack, but I avoid buying avocados and foreign fruits.

    As you work at a cafe, I like to know if there is something you do to avoid left-over food? I visited my favorite restaurant (Avot sie, the absolutely best, check it out if you are coming to east) and I noticed that there were huge piles of left-over food on the plates (buffet and finns...). How to get people take food in reasonable amounts? If you have any good tips, I'll forward them to my favorite place :)

    1. Thank you ÄE <3 That sounds really good. You are so right about the fact that the important thing is to minimize the waste, not necessarily avoid it completely. And in some cases it is not even possible, like for example the diapers - even though there are reusable ones it doesn't mean that everyone has the time to wash them and some kids don't like them since they can be ichy. I love that you grow your own food, we have a goal to maybe do that soon as well. At my family's restaurant we actually do a lot to save leftovers. I think we have become pretty good at it and the food waste we have is mostly if the customer doesn't eat what is on their plate. So what we do is to for example sell the food cheaper during the two last hours of the day (if anything is left). You get a warm meal, what is left of the salad bar and bread and coffee or tea for 4 €! This has been a real game changer and because of this we can avoid food waste a lot! We also sell leftover food via ResQ app as well. But then again it is really hard to make sure everyone is eating what they have on their plate. So maybe raising awareness that "only take what you can eat" or "it is better to take more food when you feel like it than taking too much at once". We sometimes have small notes in the cafe to raise awareness about these things. Like "only take a napkin if you need one" etc. Maybe this could be a solution? Have a great day!

    2. Äiti eksyksissä8 april 2019 14:53

      We have used reusable diapers with all our kids, and I've loved feeling of reusing and not creating waste. I know many think it's loads of work, but really it is not. At least one should try before make decisions against them. But now our boy pees so much during the night, that with reusable diapers I would have to wash all the bed linen and blankets and stuff every day, so that it wouldnt really be ecological (or possible due to work and stuff). Im really waiting for this diaper phase being over. I hate the trash.

      Btw, I watched your yle-thing. Good stuff :)

      (And about growing our own food: we have bees! I love the feeling of getting our own honey from our own yard. Best thing ever! Growing anything is so rewarding and it's really like therapy.)

    3. Exactly, the use of water is an issue too! Good point:) I am glad that you say it isn't hard work because that is what I have always thought, but maybe if I have a child some day I won't be too scared to at least try reusable diapers! And thanks about Yle;)! We are now planning to do something about the garden where people used to grow food before we moved in, now it has grown to a lawn again:( but the goal is to fix that! I love that you have bees. You should have your own blog about your life, I would definitely read it. HUGS!


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