onsdag 4 mars 2020

my most read blog posts

Sedan den här bloggen fick "popular posts"-funktionen (på datorer till höger i spalten och på mobiler längst ner efter blogginläggen), har den inte ändrats alls. Haha. Men här har ni, än en gång, mina topp fem mest lästa blogginlägg. Själv föredrar jag det om second hand. Vilket gillar du mest?

// Since this blog got the feature "popular posts" to the right on computers and after the blog posts on mobile phones, it hasn't changed at all. Haha. But here you have them, one more time, my top 5 most read blog posts. Personally, I prefer the one about second hand. Which one do you like the most?

I'm quitting Zero Waste and here's why

59 environmentally friendly and ethical Christmas gifts
(works with other gifts too!)

Is second hand always better? About sustainable fashion

My Interrail packing list

How social media is affecting the environment + 9 ways to do good

Happy reading!

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